The Average Woman Has 500 Periods in Her Life. It's Time To Make Yours Worth Your While

Human females didn't start out menstruating, In fact, we're one of few mammals that do. Our periods actually only became a thing because childbirth is so dangerous so the body developed a mechanism to make sure it doesn't happen too often. So basically periods are evolution as a result of the patriarchy. Just kidding...kind of. Periods are not the greatest thing evolution has given us. They hurt, they kinda smell, and they are definitely not made of blue liquid. You're going to experience about 500 of them and if you're gonna do something 500 times, it better rock. That's where we step in. We make your period rock. We use organic, sustainable, body safe pads and tampons. Pads and Tampons that aren't full of crap and that make your period as smooth as possible. We also connect you with small female owned businesses nation wide monthly. Women have come a long way in society and sisterhood is what drives that movement. Women have to support women so Shark Week Survival Kit does it's part by connecting you to woman owned businesses nation wide. Last, but certainly not least, we provide you with snacks that make a difference in your cycle. We know, we know. Junk food is all PMS brain see's and we give you some, but we also give you snacks that double as holistic healthcare so that you can eat your way to a better period. We hate periods, but we love to make them worth your while and that's what we're about. Let us make all 500 more than survivable. 

*Refund Policy*

Shark Week Survival Kit does not provide full refunds once a customer has received their subscription box. Should you box be missing a described product in the description please notify us of this mistake so we can amend it as soon as possible. During COVID19 products may vary. Should an item become unavailable we will replace it with a comparable item. Thank you for baring with us in this trying time. 

Love and Light