Frequently Asked Questions and Simple Answers 

When Will My Order Ship?.

Orders ship on the 4th of the month. You may receive an email saying your order has shipped a few days before the 4th! This is because we start putting labels on a few days in advance. 

How Much Is The Box Worth?

The Shark Week Survival Kit  is never worth less than $ 30 and is usually valued at about $ 45. The Baby Shark Survival Kit is never worth less that $ 13 and is usually valued at about $ 20

Do You Offer Refunds?

We do not offer refunds. However, we will do everything to make an order right for you! Please let us know if your box is missing anything so we can get it out to you. 

Pre-Paid Subscriptions 

Heads up! If your subscription is pre-paid and you order after the 30th of the prior month the Cratejoy system will seemingly skip your next month's shipment. If this happens to you and you would like your order earlier please email us and we would be happy to ship It earlier than the system plans for!