Founder & CEO

Imani Cooper-Williams 

I started Shark Week Survival Kit while studying Musical Theater and Psychology in college. One day while backstage for a show I randomly got my period, didn't have a single pad or tampon, and was in the worst pain of my life. I had no idea what to do and just wished someone would deliver me all the essentials I needed. That's when I knew Shark Week Survival Kit had to happen. Women are doing more and moving faster than ever before; we need menstrual care that can keep up with us. I know what women on-the-go can benefit from because I am a woman on the go! It can be impossible to find time for myself between acting gigs, community service, freelance work, school, and running a business. I know that many women are living just like I am and I want to provide care that makes us feel good and doesn't slow us down as we rise to the top! 

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Marketing Director 

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra is our creative and talented marketing director. She is responsible for all social media posts, creative direction, branding, and market research. In her free time, Alexandra is an avid guitarist, cook, and singer. 


Customer Service Lead 

Sera Cooper

Sera is our fabulous customer service lead! She manages customer concerns and box assembly for first time customers. She is a hard working mom and full time dental hygienist student!